Apprentices OSHA 30 Online

Click on the link above to enter the JATC OSHA 30 online store and follow the prompts to fill out the form. You must input your WCC ID number to access your authorization code.

Please note: your "good standing" status will be validated within 24 hours by the JATC.

This course is pre-paid by the Local 669 JATC for Apprentices ONLY.

OSHA 10 Online

We have the OSHA-approved courses you need to complete your essential outreach training and boost your knowledge about key safety and health topics.

OSHA 10 is NOT reimbursable.

Journeyperson OSHA 30 Online

Local 669 JATC is able to pass along our preferred pricing of $109.00 to all members for OSHA 30 online training.

Members are responsible for initial payment. Upon successful completion the JATC will reimburse the cost of your OSHA 30 training of $109.00 ONLY.

Eligibility rules for Reimbursement are as follows:
  1. Successful completion of OSHA 30 course.
  2. Member must be in good standing.
The JATC will automatically process reimbursement to the members via this online provider ONLY.

Additional selections once inside the store.
  1. OSHA 30 Standalone - $109.00
  2. OSHA 30 plus 200 other courses- $159.00 ($109.00 re-imbursed upon passing only)
  3. OSHA 30 plus 10 other courses- $125.00 ($109.00 re-imbursed upon passing only)
  4. OSHA Individual Topics - $89.00 (This course is NOT eligible for reimbursement)
Local 669 JATC will only reimburse $109.00 of the cost of OSHA 30 Training. All other costs are member's responsibility to pay.