Prop 65 BPA 

Proposition 65 BPA warning signs are available, free of charge,

The signs are provided by the trade associations listed below. Information regarding the companies, brands, and products of each organization and its members is shown through the links shown below. Even if not separately listed, the brands and products of each member of each identified trade association or company may result in an exposure to BPA. Please inquire directly to the companies if you want more information.

Proposition 65 Sign Management, Inc. is the authorized agent of these trade associations and companies for purposes of providing this notice and associated warning signs to retailers of these products. You may also receive similar notices or names of additional products directly from your suppliers.

American Beverage Association - Product List

American Herbal Products Association

Beer Institute - Product List

Brewers Association

California Beer and Beverage Distributors

California Craft Brewers Association

California League of Food Processors - Product List

Can Manufacturers Institute

Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

Grocery Manufacturers Association - Product List

National Alcohol Beverage Importers, Inc. NABI

Northwest Cider Association - Product List

Presidents' Forum of the Beverage Alcohol Industry

Shelf-Stable Food Processors Association - Product List

Wine Institute

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of California, Inc.
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